Sylvaine Jestin

Since high school, the passion for History grew within me, ma vie, et j’ai orienté mes études vers le tourisme. Par Then I passed the guiding licensed card, showing that I’m able to guide in French, capable d’effectuer des visites en Français, Anglais et Spanish.

I am living in Tours, I was born in the Loire Valley, same land as King Francis the First. This region is filled with historical and cultural heritage, not to mention the gastronomy and wine! I think it is vital to experiment wine and/or food tasting to understand the genuine life of a place and region.  Ier, dispose d’un riche patrimoine historique, culturel, 


I provide these experiences to my clients with joy and enthusiasm. My job as a guide is to create a link between sites and tourists. I wish people come back home with sufficient elements to understand our heritage, and have fun on way.     

My professional license allows me to guide everywhere in France and I adjust based on your needs.  

Mainly I am guiding in the Loire Valley, its chateaux, cellars, cities and so on.  

Contact me directly if you need information, a cost estimate, an advice…  

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